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What are the costs of renting an apartment?

On the page titled ACOMMODATION each apartments has its own calender. On this calender you can indicate the nights that you would like to stay with us (a red date means the apartment is already booked). If you scroll further down you'll see the extra bookable options such as an extra quest. On the right-hand side the total amount of your booking will show. You can directly book your apartment without a hassle!

How do I know if an apartment is still available?

On the webpage titled ACCOMMODATION you'll find an overview of all the apartments that we offer. Each apartment has its own calendar. If a date is marked red that night is already booked. If the date is white the apartment is still bookable. As soon as you have marked the nights that you would like to stay you scroll down to the menu of potential extra options. The price total will show on your right-hand side and you can immediately finalize your booking.

Is there a minimum of nights required to rent?

No, you can book your apartment for any amount of nights you would like. However, for a booking of less than 5 nights we will ask for an extra fee for extra cleaning. This fee will be calculated automatically into the price total.

What does it cost to book an extra person?

The basic price per apartment is based on one person per night. You can book extra guests via the menu with extra options.  We do this so we can make sure everyone gets the lowest price possible.

What elements are included in the price?

The basic price is based on one person per night. This is a price total and means that cleaning and normal use of gas, water and electricity is included. This means no nasty surprises afterwards. WIFI and use of the swimmingpool are also included. More information can be found on the page titled WHAT WE OFFER. To complete your booking to your personal preferences you can book an amount of extra options such as airconditioning, an extra guest or car rental. The bookingstool will calculate the total amount of your booking automatically.

Is breakfast included in the price?

No, we do not offer traditional breakfast. Experience has taught us that the humid weather and the different preferences of our guests makes this very difficult to arrange. Aside from that every apartment has a fully functional kitchen. We do offer the possibility of booking a grocery package. You can indicate your wishes upon booking and we will make sure that your fridge is filled on arrival so you don't have to get out on your first day.