House Rules

We as Bed & Breakfast Curaçao have some standard rules. This ensures that everyone can fully enjoy his or her stay. Are there any questions? We are available for you!

* Smoking (except in the "smoking room" outside) and the use of drugs is strictly forbidden.

* Consider the other guests and keep quiet after 11pm.

* Check-out is between 09:00 and 10:00 (luggage storage). Check-in from 15:00 but you can always bring your suitcases in advance if that suits you better.

* The key can remain in the room after checkout.

* Lost your key? Please let us know immediately via +5999 5166 966 (also Whatsapp or Viber)

* For the apartment you pay a deposit. This deposit will be refunded of course after the end of the rental period if everything is left without damage.

* There are lockers available in the apartments. The B & B is not liable for any property loss.

* Do you use an air conditioner to rent? Then you will receive a remote control. Only use between 22:00 and 10:00. Want to use the air conditioner during the dat? That's possible, but at extra cost. Electricity and water on the island are very expensive.

* Cars may only be parked on the property if there is paid parking or car in question was rented through the B & B. Do your visitors also want to park inside? Please pay the parking fee.

* Besides check-in and check-out there are no other services during the weekend.

Smoking is allowed oustide but please make sure to put your cigarette butts in the ashtray!