House Rules

We strive for an optimal stay for all our guests. We therefore kindly request you to observe the following rules. Do you have any questions? We are available for you!

* Smoking (except in the 'smoking zone') and the use of drugs is strictly prohibited. We are free to evict you from the apartment if you do not follow this rule!

* Think about the other guests and keep it quiet after 11 PM.

* BB Curacao is not liable for any loss of property. There is a safe in every apartment.

* Costs for water and electricity are exceptionally high on Curacao. We therefore expect that you take this into account and that you use it in a sustainable way.
- Use of air conditioning is therefore only possible between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. If you also want to use air conditioning during the day, € 10.00 per day will be charged.
- Switch off all fans, air conditioning, light and other equipment every time you leave the apartment!

* If you have rented a car through us, parking on our own guarded site (inside the gate) is free. We charge € 5.00 per day for parking your own car (or visitors' cars) on our guarded site.

* Check-out is between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Check-in is from 3 pm. (Luggage storage is possible)

* Washing of clothes, sheets and towels is not allowed in the apartment. You can have a laundry run for a small fee by us. Washing € 5.00. Machine drying € 5.00.

* Place your dirty sheets, towels and tea towels once a week in the laundry basket and place them outside the door. We provide a clean set!

* Please do not use hand and tea towels for cleaning. There are cleaning supplies in the bathroom and kitchen! * 1 roll of toilet paper is provided upon arrival. You must provide your own toilet paper during your stay.

* Please hang your clothes and towels on the drying rack and NOT OVER THE BALUSTRADE. The paint will let go due to the moisture!

* Curtains in the apartment: Please open and close the curtains ONLY WITH THE ROPE SYSTEM on the side, so do not pull open by hand. (The mechanism breaks through here). Costs are for the tenant.

* Dispose of your waste regularly in the green click boxes on the site. This way you have the least chance of vermin!

* Lost your key? Let us know immediately via +5999 5166 966 ov via +31 650897249 (also Whatsapp or Viber)

* During the weekend there are no other services besides check-in and check-out.

* The deposit for the apartment is € 50 (Penthouse € 500). This deposit will of course be returned after the end of the rental period if everything has been left without damage.

* Your last day? Please dispose of your waste in the green Kliko, make sure that the dishes are stored dry in the cupboards and on the shelves, please remove your bedding and put it together with the used towels and tea towels in the bathroom. You can leave the key in the apartment.

* Swimming pool: smoking or drug use is prohibited at the swimming pool! Glass or glass bottles are also prohibited. Please be quiet in and around the pool after 9 p.m. Please do not leave food scraps or other waste at the swimming pool.

Smoking is allowed oustide but please make sure to put your cigarette butts in the ashtray!